BigStorage Products & Pricing

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Plan details

Plan Name
Storage Tier
Included StorageLimitations
(Excluding VAT)
Payment Plan
Security KeysBandwidth (upload/download throughput)Number of buckets
Starter (Free)0-25 GB

Up to 25GB Storage Free

** Access Files via an S3-Client

Max 3: 

- 1 x Master key

- 1 x FULL Access  key

- 1 x Read Access key

Limited to 1Mbps


Max 5R0.00
No payment information required
Standard (Paid)

First 25GB Free

- and use as much storage as you want on top of that for R0.20/GB/month 

** Access via an S3-Client


10Mbps per connection

- Transfers INTO BigStorage are free

- Transfer from BigStorage free up to 100% of total capacity stored in your BigStorage account: No charge (so if you store 50TB in BigStorage, and you transfer 50TB OUT of BigStorage in a single month - no charge)

-Transfer from BigStorage in excess of total data stored under your BigStorage
account: R0.30/GB of bandwidth utilised


Contact Us to get more than 5 buckets

Standard Rate:

-Storage: R0.20 per GB used per month for anything over 25GB

Network Fee Base Rate: R25.00 / month

-Excess Bandwidth (>100% of total storage transferred OUT from BigStorage):


Monthly per Credit Card

No Annual plans offered at this time.

Enterprise (Available on agreed terms only. Contact us to discuss your requirements)Unlimited

- Customised to your needs

** Access via an S3-Client

- Unlimited Storage - charged at agreed rate.

- Reserved Capacity on 1-3 year term - if and as required

UnlimitedAs required

Unlimited Contact Us to get more than 5 buckets

Tailored to our agreed SLA with you.

Tailored to our agreed SLA with you.

** Access to Files -Client Software Suggestions- Not supported by BigStorage.

Example of cost models

- Standard (Paid tier)

  • You have a maximum of 25GB of storage space free. Every extra 10GB of storage space is charged at 0.20/GB/month and R2.00 is charged for over 25GB storage space used. 
  • There is a base Network fee chargeable of R25,00
  • You download 40GB’s worth of data - given that your total bucket size is 35GB, it means that you have downloaded 5GB’s over, chargeable at R0,20/GB/month - and pay R1,00 for throughput.
  • Your total bill comes to R28,00 at the end of the month.
  • NOTE: Pricing excludes VAT (where applicable)

Free tier

  • Since this is a Free storage tier, and the maximum storage space allowed is 25GB. Additional features such as higher bandwidth and throughput allowances are not applicable.
  • 25GB of space free, with 3 Security keys at 1Mbps.
  • To upgrade to Standard tier, add your credit card: Billing page > Accounts tab

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