Virtual Server Setup

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1. Assignment & OS 

Choose server name and operating system (images below are for illustrative purposes only and are

added and removed on a regular basis).

2. Size

Please note that availability of packages may vary depending on the image (windows images are

more thirsty for resources, therefore some smaller packages might not be available).

> Click this For More Info On All Billing Things

3. Storage

Vm's storage is very customizable - you can increase the OS disk and/or have additional disks.

4. Access

By default we do NOT set the root password and recommend that all Linux guests are accessed via 


4.1 SSH Keys:

For Linux servers you'll be provided an option to select an existing or create a new ssh keys,

if you didn't :-), this can be done on an already running server. > Click Me For SSH how to's

4.2 Console 

Both - desktop & command line servers can be accessed via console on server's dashboard after 


5. Virtual Private Network

Is useful if you intend to create a network of servers that need to communicate privately.

You can join a private network that was previously created or create a new one, you may also 

skip this step by anticking 'Enabled' option - in this case server will NOT have private IP.

There are costs associated to the creation and management of a VPC, for more info > Click Me

6. Public Network/Firewall

Having this enabled will assign a public IP to your server which means it will be accessible via

internet. Use firewall rules to provide limited access to services/data - these can be

added/removed to a running server afterwards.

7. Billing

This will be auto populated if you've selected or created a network at step #5.

Select the Account/credit-card that will be billed for the server.

If you don't have one yet it can be created from here, > Click Me For More On This.

8. Confirmation

Last step - formalities, tick agree with our > Terms Of Use (if you agree) and 'Create'.

Give it a few minutes, once server state changes to 'running' it's fully setup and ready to use.

Noticed a discrepancy or a bug? > Let Us Know!

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