Virtual servers backups and restores

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How much does it cost ?

Please find virtual server backups pricing > here

How do backups work ?

There are two types of backups: manual and scheduled. Manual backups are once off instructions and scheduled backups get kicked off automatically.

How long are the backups retained ?

Manual backups are retained forever (until the user deletes them), backups are retained even if the server is deleted. 

Scheduled (automatic) backups are also retained 'forever', but those are rotated based on number of backups 'to keep' specified in the schedule instructions (more on that bellow).

For all the steps below you'll need to be logged in > CloudAfrica we app > Server you wish to backup > 'Backups' or 'Restore' tab.


Server backups are NOT enabled by default, to enable:

'Enable' button > confirm.


'Create' button > Give it a name and execute; watch the backup status for completion and/or email notification.


'Backup Schedule' button.

Choose an existing schedule or create new one by specifying a schedule, backup kick off time time and number of backups to keep at any time.

You can have more than one line per schedule; if they overlap, the priority will be given to the schedule with longer interval, for example weekly backup will be chosen over daily one.

Edit Schedule

'Backup schedule' button > click on edit icon > make changes > save.

Delete schedule

'Backup schedule' button > click on trash icon > confirm.

Delete schedule line

'Backup schedule' button > click on edit icon > find a schedule line you want to delete and click on a trash icon.

Delete backup

'Delete' button > confirm via otp.


To restore backup into original backup server, from 'Backups' tab click on reverse circle arrow button 

Enter the otp to confirm.

To restore backup into another server (useful if you want to clone deployed setup) - go back to 'Servers' menu > select a server you wish to restore over > click on 'Restore' tab.

In this case we'll restore the first backup in the list. This list of backups is scrollable (left and right, scroll to the right if necessary to see the restore button. 

Click reverse circle arrow button against backup used as a restore point > enter otp to confirm.

Stop receiving backup notifications via email ...

Select 'Profile' from left side menu > 'Notifications' tab > Manage your email subscriptions from here.

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