Technical Terminology

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Your dashboard is your command-and-control centre for your servers. It lets you manage all your services, start up and destroy servers, see how many resources you’ve been utilizing, and so much more.


Data Centre - This refers to the physical location of the server.


An image represents on operating system or software stack. CloudAfrica currently offers CentOS and Ubuntu KVM images.


When you create a server, two network ranges will be available to you. One with an external, internet-facing range, and one with an internal range safely demilitarised behind the firewall. Both are optional and if absent you can only access your machines through the > CloudAfrica dashboard.


A profile is a view of the account you’re currently logged in as. Your profile page lets you manage personal information, and view information on your personal quotas.


This is why you’re here, selling servers is what CloudAfrica does.

Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)

VPCs are groupings of servers within a subnet. Access control lists allow you to manage who in the VPC may create, destroy and have access to server(s).

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