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Creating  a bucket

To create a bucket: 

  • Login on the BigStorage website at www.bigstorage.io > select “+ Add a new bucket”
  • Add bucket name: see > bucket tag name and naming conventions
  • Your account should currently be on the Free tier. To upgrade your account to Paid tier, select the Paid tier radio button, and enter your billing information.
  • Click next, and follow the prompts on the screen.
  • Confirm the information of the order summary is correct, and select the checkbox.
  • Select next
  • A confirmation message with your bucket name and the full domain name will appear. Use the bucket and full domain name to login onto the bucket via the S3-enabled software of your choice.
  • You may now select "Go to Dashboard" to return to the homepage or you can create a key by selecting '+ Keys'. 

NOTE: keys are required to grant access to the buckets at the correct access level

Bucket tag name and naming conventions

The Bucket Domain name will be automatically selected by the system, however, you are free to choose a bucket tag name. The Bucket Tag Name is entered during the first step of Bucket creation.

Here are some naming convention rules to keep in mind:

  1. The Field is required, and may not be blank

  2. No leading or trailing spaces allowed - but spaces are allowed between words

  3. Special characters are allowed i.e. !&*^%$()#@

  4. There is no prescribed length, but a short concise name will be best. 

Why can't I choose my bucket name?

Due to the DNS requirement that all domain names must be unique across the entire domain, we can unfortunately not allow you to create your own bucket name.  

The system will auto-generate one that is unique across the whole bigstorage.io domain. 

You may, however, create your own Bucket Tag Name, to easily identify it in the list displayed on the Dashboard.  Read more: > bucket tag name and naming conventions 

Is information recoverable from a deleted bucket? 

We do not back up the files or content of any buckets, so we cannot assist with data recovery if a bucket has been deleted.

It is exactly for this reason that we have implemented a 2-step deletion process, where you, as the bucket owner must First enter the OTP sent to you, and then select the option to Delete the bucket.

CloudAfrica does offer a File-based backup service, via www.cloudsafe.me which will be useful to use BEFORE you delete the bucket. Contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

How to delete a bucket

Please note that deleting a bucket is not recoverable (not even by us). Make sure you have downloaded and backed up all the information before deleting the bucket. 

To delete a bucket linked to your account: 

  • Login on the BigStorage website at www.bigstorage.io > locate the bucket you want to delete from the dashboard page > click on the trash can icon
  • Take note of the message and click 'Continue'
  • Check your phone and email for an OTP and enter that code in Step 2 - then click on 'Delete Bucket' button.

Noticed a discrepancy or a bug? > Let Us Know!

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