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We all get a little stuck sometimes, and often, other people have asked the same questions. Here are some of the questions we get asked often enough to give them their own section.

Q: Do I pay for a new server every time I create a new one?

A: Yes, we charge on an hourly basis and if the servers exists for longer than that it will be charged for.

Q: Will I get refunded if I did not use all my allocated bandwidth for the month?

A: We currently don't charge for bandwidth, but should that change we will notify customers well in advance.

Q: How do I cancel an account?

A: Simply login to delete your server(s) and associated services - vpc(s), backup(s). You will receive your last bill on the 1'st of the following month to settle the usage of the current month, there will be no invoices thereafter, unless of course new servers are ordered.

Q: How long does it take for payments to reflect on my account?

A: Depending on the method of payment, and inter-bank transfers, anything up to 2 business days.

Q: Am I charged any fees on my credit card?

A: You might see R1 charge by CloudAfrica as you add your credit card - this is to check authenticity of your account and the charge will be reversed in a next couple of days.

Q: What services are included in all Payment Plans?

A: These services are included by default in any selected Pre-set: Your servers are fully configurable, You have OS Level Access, They are secure, and you have full access to managed firewalls.

Q: Will I be warned when my bandwidth is almost finished?

A: We currently don't charge for bandwidth, but should that change; a) customers will be notified well in advance; b)  yes. When your bandwidth is within 10% of depletion 

Q: Can I add Services to my account after I have created a server?

A: Yes.  Please note however that there is a limit of services that can be ordered on all new accounts - you will be notified when the limit is reached, please contact us to increase it.

Q: What do I do if I’ve lost my password?

A: > Click this to see how to reset it

Q: How can I access my server?

A: > All ways and how to's on server access

Q: What are VPCs again?

A: A VPC is a collection of members and servers. Each VPC has its own subnet allocated to it. That VPC must have a billing member assigned to it, and that billing member must have a valid credit card on their profile. VPCs are used for servers to talk to one another without the need for a public IP address.

Q: I want to move a machine I’ve created from one VPC to another, how do I do this?

A: You can't do this on the dashboard, but > get in touch with us and we're sure to accomodate.

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